An open debate on ePrivacy and GDPR compliance

Please fill out the form below if you disagree with the inclusion of your organization’s website on this list. We will request a fresh manual review, sharing your email address with the accredited verifier assigned to it (should you prefer to be contacted if questions arise).

Please make sure to include a succinct argument in favor of your current implementation of the ePrivacy/GDPR interplay (or the changes you may have applied in the time passed since the last time your website was evaluated) with regards to cookies.

Verifiers may find your website to be in compliance of the EU regulatory framework (as per the EDPB criteria, summarized here), subsequently removing it from COMPLY.ORG, and notifying you of such removal. This finding may also result in adjustments to the Consent Manager plug-in, should its inclusion have originated in an anonymous report submitted through it.

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